Where culinary provenance meets timeless grandeur

When it comes to inspiring dining and drinking experiences, there are few cities to match London. We’ve added to this rich tapestry with two outstanding venues – Provisioners restaurant and our Courtroom bar.

The menu at Provisioners reflects its surroundings, combining timeless classics with modern flavours. At the Courtroom bar, you’ll find a fantastic selection of delicious cocktails, to be sipped in an atmosphere of wood-panelled heritage.

Prefer your own space? Then get great food and drink delivered straight to your room, 24 hours a day.

A unique restaurant and coffee bar where form follows function. Needless flourishes are left at the door, as classic design helps you clear away everything and focus on the here and now. Dishes influenced by the very best that Europe has to offer, in a space that speaks of the beauty of utility and style.

Provisioners offers decadent breakfasts, lunches to savour and comforting dinners, alongside moreish snacks and our very own Shakedown coffee. Many ingredients are locally sourced, seasonal and all are selected for freshness. It's food that highlights the best of British, nestled next to the very best Mediterranean flavours.

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Courtroom Bar

Crafted cocktails and a marble-clad sunken bar beneath the judge's original oak canopy – The Dixon’s Courtroom bar is a cocktail bar like no other.

This old Magistrates’ Courtroom was where petty criminals received their punishment – just take a look at the mugshots on the walls for proof. The original wood panelling remains, and the judge’s bench has been transformed into a bar. It’s a restoration those faces on the walls would approve of.

As well as cocktails, a wide selection of the world’s most revered spirits all vie for your attention. Like the signature Espresso Martini, made with our very own Shakedown Coffee. Brewed just feet from the original jail cells, Shakedown is our own brand of coffee that is selected and roasted by our team of baristas.

Struggling to decide? Our expert bartenders at this unique bar know everything there is to know about mixing you the perfect drink.

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