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Where culinary provenance meets timeless grandeur

When it comes to inspiring dining and drinking experiences, there are few cities to match London. We've added to this rich tapestry with two outstanding venues – Shakedown and our Courtroom bar.

If you are in the area and are looking for a highly regarded Tower Bridge restaurant in London, the menu at Shakedown reflects its surroundings, combining timeless classics with modern flavours in cicchetti concept serving pizza, pasta and prosecco.

At the Dixon's Courtroom Bar, you'll find a fantastic selection of delicious cocktails, to be sipped in an atmosphere of wood-panelled heritage.

Prefer your own space? Then get great food and drink delivered straight to your room, 24 hours a day. You can also make use of your own private dining room by hiring one of our luxury meeting rooms.


Shakedown, nestled in the vibrant Tower Bridge area of London, is more than just a Cocktail Bar, Espresso Bar, and All Day dining restaurant—it's a living testament to the city's intriguing past. Back in 1905, our hotel served as a bustling police station, and the restaurant floor was home to 22 holding cells in the basement, each holding a story of its own.

The name "Shakedown" itself harks back to the thorough searches the police conducted on their prisoners, and it's a name that has stood the test of time, just like the stories etched into the very fabric of our establishment.
At Shakedown, we're excited to introduce you to a culinary experience rooted in the rich tradition of Cichetti, a cherished Italian custom of enjoying small, flavourful bites meant for sharing and savouring with friends and loved ones. Our menu not only features an enticing selection of pizzettas, pasta, and prosecco but also embraces the essence of Cichetti.

Shakedown not only brings you the best of Italian cuisine but also invites you to embrace the Mediterranean tradition of communal dining, where the act of sharing a meal transcends mere sustenance and becomes a heartfelt celebration of food, friendship, and culture.

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Courtroom Bar - Drinks and Afternoon Tea

Crafted cocktails and a marble-clad sunken bar beneath the judge's original oak canopy – The Dixon’s Courtroom bar is a cocktail bar like no other.

This old Magistrates’ Courtroom was where petty criminals received their punishment – just take a look at the mugshots on the walls for proof. The original wood panelling remains, and the judge’s bench has been transformed into a bar. It’s a restoration those faces on the walls would approve of.

As well as cocktails, a wide selection of the world’s most revered spirits all vies for your attention. Like the signature Espresso Martini, made with our very own Shakedown Coffee. Brewed just feet from the original jail cells, Shakedown is our own brand of coffee that is selected and roasted by our team of baristas.

Under a 193 spheres chandelier, indulge yourself with our 1905 Magistrates Afternoon Tea experience alongside pictures of ex-convicts framed on the walls watching over you.

Open 13:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday

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