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Our Historic Co-working Cafe Vibe

At The Dixon, nestled in the heart of London, we offer a unique co-working experience for those looking to find a perfect blend of work and ambiance. Our cafe is located in a historic grade II listed magistrates court building, which provides a distinct and inspiring environment for modern workers.

Imagine carrying out your work from a location enshrined in history. The Tower Bridge Magistrates Court, once a place that housed the tales of London’s criminals, now offers a unique space where you can feel connected to the city’s rich past. The walls are decorated with authentic mugshots, the judge’s bench has been converted into our vibrant bar, and the jail cells line the walls, giving you a unique spot to spend your work-from-home days.

A historic location that used to house 22 prison cells in the basement, the historic cell still present inside The Dixon gives a unique insight into the rich history of the property.

At The Dixon, we understand the needs of modern workers. That’s why we provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi, readily available plug sockets, and a unique ambiance that you won’t find anywhere else. The Dixon is the ideal spot to adventure through time and explore history while working remotely with your laptop. Whether you’re looking for a place to brainstorm new ideas or simply need a change of scenery, our coworking cafe offers the perfect environment for your work-from-home days.

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Our Delicious Snacks and Drinks.

Our Shakedown all-day dining and espresso bar offers a wide variety of culinary delights to keep you fueled throughout your workday.

For a unique ambiance, Shakedown is the place for you. Coffee lovers will appreciate our cups of delicious Coffee, guaranteed to keep you energized as you work. Pair your coffee with our delicious array of snacks, perfect for those moments when you need a quick bite.


For those looking to treat themselves, our Cichetti offers a culinary experience like no other. Sample plates of our exquisite Italian gastronomy while having a productive workday—what more could you ask for? The combination of great food and a stimulating environment makes The Dixon a top laptop-friendly choice for coworking in London.

A laptop-friendly spot located in Central London.

As a laptop-friendly establishment, The Dixon welcomes visitors to spend a day with us, complete their work tasks, and fully immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of our venue. Located in central London, our coworking cafe is perfect for those seeking a convenient and inspiring place to work.

Just minutes walk from either London Bridge or Tower Bridge, The Dixon offers an ideal location for those who still would like to immerse themselves in the historic centre of the city without being in the office.

With close proximity to major transport links such as London Bridge Station and the Bermondsey tube station make it easy to pop into the office for an impromptu meeting at quick notice, or even enjoy a peaceful walk along the Thames river during lunch.


Whether you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or someone just looking for a change of pace, The Dixon is a new destination for remote work in London. Our welcoming environment, combined with our historical charm, makes us one of the best coworking spaces in the city. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work in a place that offers both comfort and inspiration.

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