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Artful grandeur,
in the worlds most cultural postcode

Welcome to a Marriott Tower Bridge hotel where history embraces modernity. A place with intriguing heritage and contemporary character. Where the very best of SE1 is absorbed right into the building through the artwork, interiors, and vibrant atmosphere. Welcome to a place that is so much more than just a place to stay. Welcome to The Dixon - a Marriott Tower Bridge & Marriott London Bridge Autograph Collection hotel.


The Dixon started life back in 1905 as the Tower Bridge Magistrates’ Court, Southwark. Designed by John Dixon Butler, a celebrated architect yet mysterious figure of the late 1800’s, it housed courtrooms, a police station, and jail cells. As you can imagine, some of the area’s most colourful characters have seen the inside of these walls.

The whole building has been fully restored into a hotel, conserving key details and highlighting its Edwardian heritage. We've also been inspired by some of the scoundrels who spent time here. That’s why you’ll find cocktails served in courtrooms and coffee brewed just feet away from the jail cells. At this Marriott London Bridge Hotel, the rebel hearts of SE1 live on.

There is great history surrounding this SE1 hotel, too. Tooley Street, The Tower of London, Maltby St Market, Winchester Palace, Shakespeare’s Globe are all within reach by foot.

Brewed footsteps away from the jail cells of Magistrates’ Court, Shakedown is our very own exclusive coffee brand. The story goes that the policemen taunted inmates by wafting the intoxicating smell of their aromatic coffee into the cells, knowing that those prisoners would never taste such a sweet brew.

Now the caffeinated contraband has found its way behind bars, and the coffee is roasted next to those very same cells. Finally, that forbidden flavour has been smuggled past those pesky coppers. This spectacular coffee is available at Shakedown restaurant and served at Courtroom Bar or alternatively, delivered directly to your room.

Curated to inspire

From surrealist interpretations of famous local faces, such as Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Shackleton, to mugshots of previous convicts, the walls of The Dixon tell a story of this extraordinary part of London. Each piece has been specially chosen to reflect the vibrancy, charisma, and legacy of SE1.