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Our Courtroom Bar:



The Courtroom Bar, a destination cocktail bar with a rich history, is nestled in the heart of the historic Tower Bridge area. The former site of the Tower Bridge Magistrates Court, this unique establishment combines modern mixology with a legacy location, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. Located on the famous Tooley Street, inside The Dixon Hotel, the Courtroom Bar offers a glimpse into the past through its historic ambiance and grade II listed building.

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Our Historic Bar and Location:


The Courtroom Bar features a marble-clad sunken bar area, beneath the judges original oak canopy, where the judges of the renowned Tower Bridge Magistrates Court once presided. Today, visitors can collect their drinks from this historic location, adding a touch of authenticity to their experience. 

Preserving the history, the area still boasts the original wooden panelling from the Magistrates Court, with the original judges bench transformed into our historic bar area. The Courtroom very much lives up to its name.

As a tribute to its past, inside our grade II listed building, our adjacent Shakedown Restaurant also offers an open jail cell, reminiscent of the convicts that were once housed here. This distinctive feature allows guests to relive the atmosphere of the past while enjoying their delicious meals.


Situated near both Tower Bridge and London Bridge, the Courtroom Bar’s prime location on Tooley Street makes it easily accessible to locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re coming from London Bridge Station or Bermondsey, a short walk will lead you to this historic cocktail spot. As you step inside, the walls of the former Tower Bridge Magistrates Court will transport you back in time, immersing you in the unique atmosphere of the past, making it one of the top cocktail spots by London Bridge and Tower Bridge alike.

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Signature cocktails:


Well-known for Signature Cocktails such as Espresso Martini, brewed using our very own Shakedown Coffee, The Courtroom Bar offers authentic craft cocktails and mixology linking back to the rich Tower Bridge history. 

The unique charm of the Courtroom Bar is found in our signature cocktails that perfectly complement the historic atmosphere of Tower Bridge. Our law and order-themed cocktails, including Contraband, Oath, and Shakedown Fashion, offer a delightful fusion of flavours and textures.

Contraband features a blend of Baileys and Frangelico, served over ice chocolate with a hint of hazelnut, while Oath tantalises the taste buds with gin, grapes, caramel syrup, St Germain, and lime juice. For a truly unforgettable experience, try our Shakedown Fashion, crafted with Shakedown coffee, spiced rum, caramel, Dunedin & burdock bitter, Aztec chocolate bitter, and cinnamon. Each sip is a journey through time and taste, making Courtroom Bar the ultimate destination for cocktail enthusiasts near Tower Bridge.

History of the Courtroom Bar:


As you wander through the bar and The Dixon Hotel, you’ll be greeted by captivating images of former convicts, their haunting mugshots telling tales of trials and tribulations. But it’s not just the photographs that capture the imagination – preserved within the building is an authentic jail cell, a tangible link to the building’s past, located in our similarly-themed Shakedown Restaurant.


Take a moment to admire the array of keys adorning the walls, located in The Dixon Hotel, with each one a silent witness to the trials and triumphs of yesteryears. These keys unlock stories of resilience, courage, and redemption, and used to unlock the many cells of the Magistrates Court, adding depth to the bar’s ambiance.


Beyond its historical significance, Courtroom Bar offers more than just a drink – it’s an immersive experience, where every sip is infused with the spirit of the past, an experience that only the grandeur of a grade II listed building can provide

London Bridge Cocktails Courtroom Bar
Tower Bridge Cocktail Courtroom Bar

Magistrates Afternoon Tea:


While the Courtroom Bar is primarily known for its vibrant evenings, cocktail offerings and rich history, it also serves as a delightful spot for afternoon tea during the day. For those seeking a different vibe, this historic space provides a unique setting to enjoy a traditional British afternoon tea experience, showcased by our 1905 Magistrates Afternoon Tea. 

Served in the historic bar, this offers a blend of exquisite flavours and a journey through history, such as a delicious range of savoury and sweet treats, including our Smoked salmon, Mushroom tart, Coronation chicken, Wholegrain bread, Salted caramel éclair, and classic homemade scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail or a cup of tea, the Courtroom Bar has something to satisfy every palate.

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If you’re looking to unwind in style at Tower Bridge’s premier cocktail bar, don’t miss the opportunity to make a booking at the Courtroom Bar. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to London, this historic establishment offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Indulge in signature cocktails, immerse yourself in the rich history of the location, and enjoy the ambiance that only a grade II listed building can provide. 

Book now to secure your spot at the Courtroom Bar and elevate your cocktail experience in the heart of London.