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Cicchetti in London – Shakedown at The Dixon



Welcome to Shakedown, the rebranded restaurant at The Dixon, proudly serving Cicchetti—an authentic Venetian tradition now making waves in the heart of London near Tower Bridge. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we unveil the history of Cicchetti, explore our enticing menu, and invite you to experience the charm of Shakedown.

Cicchetti Restaurant London
What is Cicchetti: Venetian Tradition

What is ‘Cicchetti’?



Originating from Venice, Cicchetti is a culinary tradition that takes the art of Italian dining to a delightful new level. Imagine a tapestry of small, exquisite plates, each meticulously crafted to offer a burst of flavors.This tradition of Italian small plates, now known as Cicchetti dining, is a staple of Venetian Cuisine. It is referred to by some as a type of ‘Italian Tapas’, ‘Gourmet small plates’ or ‘small bites’. Shakedown, true to its Italian roots, embraces this age-old concept, bringing a piece of Venetian heritage to the vibrant London food scene.

Our Cicchetti Menu at Shakedown: A Symphony of Flavours


Dive into our menu designed to tantalize your taste buds. As per tradition, we recommend savoring 2-3 exquisite Italian dishes per person, allowing you to relish an array of delectable flavors. Whether you’re a meat enthusiast or a seafood connoisseur, our menu caters to diverse palates.


Indulge in the succulence of our 6oz aged flat iron Sirloin steak, complemented by a delightful gremolata sauce. For seafood lovers, our Paprika Tempura Squid with spring onion and nduja mayo or the Nduja scallops atop a spiced curried lentil stew are culinary delights not to be missed.


Experience the essence of Italian charm with our charcuterie and cheese selection, featuring 12-month-aged Parma ham, Taleggio, Finocchiona, Pecorino di pienza, Coppa ham, and Toma truffle—a feast for the senses.


Vegetarian and vegan options abound, offering a modern twist on traditional Cicchetti. Delight in Tomato and Mozzarella Suppri or Apulian Burrata for a vegetarian experience, while vegans can savor the Charred Grilled White Asparagus, harmonizing beautifully with other items on our menu.


As for drinks, for authentic Venetian-inspired Italian dining, be sure to combine your Cicchetti with our Italian wine selection, available at Shakedown.

Cicchetti london menu
Cicchetti in Tradition Atmosphere in London

Cicchetti in London: A Tradition Reimagined


Nestled within the historic Tower Bridge magistrates court in a grade II listed building, Shakedown offers a unique London setting for the quintessential Cicchetti experience. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of our heritage-rich location, providing an unparalleled backdrop for your culinary adventure.


This way, our guests experience a unique London culinary experience, bringing something new to the London gastronomy and food scene, in a culturally significant and traditional London setting.


Also, for our guests who would like to enjoy Cicchetti with a fine cocktail from our Courtroom Bar, don’t miss our Cicchetti and Cocktails social hour, where you can enjoy 2 for 1 Cocktails daily from 15:00 to 19:00, alongside our wonderful Cicchetti.

Our Cicchetti: Local Ingredients, Italian Concept


At Shakedown, we take pride in serving traditional Venetian Cicchetti crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, combining Italian flavors and local ingredients. Our expert chefs ensure the highest quality, bringing the authenticity of Italian cuisine to London’s discerning diners.

Cicchetti in London: Local Ingredients

For an authentic Cicchetti experience in London, where tradition meets modern flair, Shakedown at The Dixon is your destination. With a menu designed to satisfy diverse tastes, locally sourced ingredients, and a historic ambiance, Shakedown promises a unique culinary journey you won’t find anywhere else. Join us and discover the true essence of Venetian dining in the heart of London.